Are you looking for Wisconsin Dells Resorts with Indoor Water Parks? You would think that every Hotel in Wisconsin Dells would have an Indoor Water Park and that is true for most but not every location has one. If you are familiar with the Dells area, you are probably already aware of the average temperatures you will have through out the year. If you will be visiting, it is good to know that during the Winter months, the High Temps run in the low 30’s while the Low Temps can be in the single digits or teens. Even in the Hottest part of the summer, the Highs are still in the upper 70’s to mid 80’s. Guests coming from a cold climate will be more accustomed to these temperatures and the Outdoors might be fine but if you are coming from a warmer client, this will be feel frigid and you will be happy that you are staying at a Wisconsin Dells Indoor Water Park Resort.

Best Indoor Waterpark Hotel in Wisconsin Dells

I guess, when you try to determine what is the “Best” of anything, it can be pretty subjective. It really depends on what you think is important for the park to have in order to make it fun for you. More than likely, you are not even looking for yourself but what would make the Indoor Water Park stand out for your kids. It can get really tricky to determine what others think is the best so we are going to layout what we consider to be the Best in each of the Resort Indoor Water Parks.

Indoor Water Coaster?

If you think Water Slides are fun, have you ever been on a Water Coaster? These rides are starting to pop up all over the world but there still aren’t many places that have them. In fact, if you are looking for an Indoor Water Coaster in Wisconsin Dells, there is only one and it is located at the Chula Vista Resort. If you have never been on one, the Flyan Mayan might just surprise you.

Slip sliding away

If Water Slides are what you are interested in, and you are going purely by the numbers, it is almost a toss up between Chula Vista and the Great Wolf Lodge Indoor Water Park. Each of these parks have some really great slippery indoor sliding excitement. What is really incredible is that they also both offer small kiddie water slides and a number of adult ones as well. Fun for the whole family.

Fun for the Family

Having a Lazy River is always a delight for the family because it is something that almost all age groups can enjoy. Even the toddlers can get in on this fun as long as a parent is hanging on to them around the loop. Along with the other parks that have already been mentioned, the Polynesian Hotel comes equipped with a smaller water park but still has some great Water slides and of course, a nice Lazy River that flows around the entire area.

All of these Wisconsin Dells Resort with Indoor Water Parks have a kiddie splash area and although the Atlantis Hotel might not have a tremendous amount of Water Features for the adults indoors, they do have a healthy Water Park for the younger ones to enjoy. This location is worth mentioning because of the fun area that they have specifically designed for kids.

Check out all of the Indoor Water Parks at the Wisconsin Dells Resorts

There is so much to talk about with these different properties that you should really just take some time and look at all of the different options they all have to offer. It is worth reading through and also looking at the pictures and videos. It will give you a better feel for what you are getting yourself into before actually booking a place to stay.

List of Hotels in Wisconsin Dells with Indoor Water Parks